The Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) that Skills Impact supports are currently working on the following projects to improve current unis of competency, skill sets and qualifications.

Projects are established only when a Case For Change has been approved by the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC), as outlined in the National Schedule. Following this approval, Skills Impact and the relevant IRC take the project through a process that adheres to the 2012 Standards for Training Package Development.

Under each project there is the opportunity to register your interest to receive updates.

Across IRC Projects

Equine Safety in Training

This project is underway to review occupational skills standards and units of competency to improve safety, quality and consistency in the delivery of equine training. It will impact the ACM Animal Care and Management; AHC Agriculture, Horticulture, and Conservation and Land Management; AMP Australian Meat Processing; and RGR Racing Training Packages.

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Racing IRC Projects

Greyhounds (animal welfare and racing integrity)

Consultation is underway to ensure units of competency from the RGR Racing Training Package are up to date and encapsulate racing integrity and animal welfare skills and knowledge critical to the industry.

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Forest Management and Harvesting IRC Projects

Forest Harvesting Optimisation

Units of competency from the FWP Forest and Wood Products Training Package are being reviewed and updated in line with current forest harvesting optimisation technology and the impact on processes.

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Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical IRC Projects

Retail Baking Review

A project is underway to review and align existing retail baking units of competency, skills sets and qualifications from the FDF10 Food Processing Training Package, to industry defined occupational standards.

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Rural and Related IRC Projects

Veterinary Nursing

Relevant veterinary nursing units of competency and qualifications within the ACM10 Animal Care and Management Training Package are being reviewed to ensure they reflect the current occupational skill standards and needs of industry.

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